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Runescaper,Runescape IRC Bot

Service Commands
IRC Chat

Runescapers Channel Commands.

Runescaper has many commands,heres a list of them.

Runescape Commands

[!,@]Stats Runescaper User - This Command Messages A Users Stats To The Channel.

[!,@]Lookup monster Monster Name - This Command Notices You With Information For All Monsters in Runescape.

[!,@]Price Item - This Command Messages You With The Prices For A Runescape Item.

[!,@]Level [Level Obtained] [Skill] - This Command Congratulates You On A Obtaining Of A New Skill Level.

[!,@]News - This Gives A Notice Of The Latest Runescape Update.

[!,@]Listnews - This Lists The Four Most Recent Runescape Updates.

[!,@]Infonews - This Gives You The Full Information On The Latest Update(Becarful As This May Cause Spam,It Could Be A Big Message.

[!,@]Xp Level - This Command Gives The Amount Of Xp For The Chosen Level.

[!,@]Slang Word - This Command Gives You The Meaning Of Commonly Used 'Slang' Words In Runescape.
[!,@]Players - To Get The Amount Of Players Currently Playing Runescape
[!,@]Links - To Get A List Of Runescape Help Site Links.
Non Runescape Commands
!Google Search - To Do A Google Search.
[!,@]Calc Sum - To Calculate A Sum
[!,@]Version - To Check The Current Version Of Runescaper.

!Report Error With Runescaper - This Command Is Extremely Usful To Us,It Helps Us Fix Any Bugs With Runescaper,Abuse Of This Is Recorded. 

Non Of Runescapers Commands Have Been Stolen Or In Any Way Taken Without Permission.

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