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Runescaper,Runescape IRC Bot

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All Updates To Runescaper.

Latest Update-27-March-2006-Setname Working!-Latest Update
Finaly,this has been in the process for a while,but its finaly working,this works for both individual skills and all stats.
The Stats Script Now Messages Public On The Command Of @ Or Private On The Command Of !,Evantualy all scripts will be like this
25-March-2006-Version 1.5
More bugs have been fixed,and with the release of service commands i thought it was due to be Version 1.5.
25-March-2006-Service Commands.
Many of you have been asking for Runescaper to do IRC service commands such as Kick,Kickban,Op,Voice etc. So Here It Is.
Yes,this is no error i know i have posted the same date twice..This is because today(Tonight) Steve(Goatlurver500) has taken the proud place of Runescaper|G This stands as a root of runescaper,so if your channel suddenly loses Runescaper,do not worry another Runescaper will be sent :)
22-March-2006-Individual Skills!
This is quite an important/usful update,you can now use each skill e.g @Strength User This works for every skill,lets say an added feature to the release of Version 1!
21-March-2006-Version 1!!!
Version 1 of Runescaper is offical released,all bugs reported have been fixed,a players script added and new report tools have been added,in other news another ..temp chat has been added,this time is should work,il try to get a stable one A.S.A.P
Once Again..The Chat Is Down..Hoping To Have This Fixed Today! :)
17-March-2006-New Commands
New Commands Have Been Added To Runescaper Check Commands Page(F.A.Q) For More Info.
Temp Has Been Installed To The Site.
14-March-2006-Site Online!
The Runescaper Website Is Now Online!

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